Loose cover lamp shades

Loose cover lamp shades

Loose cover lampshades are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, partly due to the “cottagecore” aesthetic

They became popular after WW2, due to lack of choice and rationing and were originally called “kitchen shades”, used to brighten up the kitchen and made in cotton or linen.  Consisting of a loose cover sitting over a plain lampshade, they needed relatively less fabric and at a time when most women could sew, they could be made quickly and at home with no specialist material or equipment.  Being removable meant they could be cleaned or replaced easily and cheaply.

Today’s version is more decorative and less about practicality.  I do two versions – a box pleat style and an elasticated scrunchie style.  All are removable and sit over plain shades which have reversible gimbals (apart from the candle clip) – this means they can be used with a table lamp or as a ceiling pendant light.  If you ever get fed up with your outer cover (and why would you?) or change your decor, you can simply remove your cover completely and you’ve still got a plain shade or replace your cover with another in a different fabric.


 The box pleat shades are lightly starched and this gives the pleats a crispness creating a more modern silhouette whilst being made in traditional gingham, floral and stripe fabrics.  The scrunchie shades have a double elasticated top creating a looser, informal look.



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